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May I make photocopies? What is it understood by copyright and how are they applied in a library?

Generally speaking, partial reproduction for study and research purposes is authorised in Spanish university libraries although current legislation will be modified to adapt it to European directives. You can make photocopies in the different photocopy services at centres. Photocopy services vary among centres, they may range from coin operated machines for personal use to outsourced photocopy services and so fees may be different. For preservation purposes and according to maintenance Regulations of the bibliographic Heritage, it is not authorised to make photocopies of: old books and manuscripts, some special collections, works in bad condition, research works and author's original copies stored for their preservation. However, you may reproduce some of these works in digital, photographic or micro-form formats prior to authorisation and pursuant to current regulations. Work reproduction is subject to Copyright Regulations. Both Spanish and European regulations in force must be complied with.