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Bibliographic managers

Recommended tools for data and bibliography creation and organization in academic works.

  • Mendeley

    Mendeley es un sistema de gestión de referencias bibliográficas, que permite organizar tanto la información bibliográfica, como adjuntar los documentos a texto completo. Funciona como un programa que se descarga y se ejecuta en ordenadores personales o en dispositivos móviles, pero también como un servicio en línea, a través del cual se puede organizar y compartir la información bibliográfica con otros usuarios. Mendeley es gratuito y sólo hay que registrarse para utilizarlo. Para facilitar el uso de Mendeley la Biblioteca le ofrece una guía de uso.
  • EndNote and EndNote Web

    EndNote is one of the most popular bibliographic managers whose software is used by the Web of Knowledge (WOK) portal. It is free on this platform prior signing in.
  • Zotero, Mozilla Firefox free bibliographic manager

    It is directed to students and researchers who want to save, store, retrieve and generate quotes, lists and document bibliographies. PC software considered it as one of the best free software applications.
  • Biblioscape

    Bibliographic manager to organize references, notes and to generate bibliographies and quotes. It also captures Internet bibliographic data and compiles notes and indexes.
  • Bookends

    Bibliographic manager for Mac users with import and automatic bibliographic generation functions.
  • Easybyb

    On-line bibliographic generator supporting MLA and APA styles.
  • ProCite

    ProCite captures document and on-line database data including every type of web pages. ProCite selected references' data may be directly exported from Web of Science, Current Contents Connect and Discovery Agent. Besides graphic object data, It also stores images, chemical structures, and allows sharing references on the Web.
  • Refbase

    Refbase allows creating bibliographic databases, importing, exporting and sharing records. Quotes may be directly imported from some databases thanks to Refbase: ArXiv, Pubmed y CrossRef. It also imports and exports several formats BibTeX, Endnote, RIS, PubMed, ISI Web of Science, CSA Illumina, RefWorks, MODS XML, OpenOffice, and MS Word). RefBas allows also for searching references by different fields and generating RSS.
  • Refworks (el 31 de diciembre se ha cancelado la suscripción institucional)

    It is distributed by CSA and recommended by Scopus. RefWorks is bibliography management software via Web. No installation is required. Information may be accessed from any PC with Internet access.
  • Son of Citation Machine

    Free and interactive tool to generate quotes with MLA and APA styles. Chicago and Turabian