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Quality Commitment

We work to render the best service to the university community.

Quality commitment

The Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO) is aware of the constant development of higher education and of users’ expected needs. For this reason, the quality policy is directed to express its commitment to quality and continuous improvement.<br/ >Our mission is to gather, keep, organise and manage Oviedo University information resources in order to not only promote their use and access by the university community but also to enable the necessary tools for professional competences training and culture and knowledge promotion. <br/ >For this reason, we, Library management staff and BUO staff, have a deep knowledge of every process and information related to Quality Management System. We commit ourselves to the users to meet all their information requests through our services and the resources under our responsibility.<br/ > So to ensure the fulfilment of the foregoing, every member of BUO knows and understands quality policies which are constantly reviewed for their adaptation to current and future needs.

Quality Assurance.

The Library has been awarded with the Seal of Quality Commitment for European Excellence +200 granted by ANECA and the Executive Excellence Club to award this bibliographic centre assessment and continuous improvement actions. After UTCal, this University Library is the first university service to obtain this acknowledgement

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Our commitment to users.

  • To offer non-stop opening hours from 9 to 20:30 hours (for further information on opening hours please access BUO web site http://buo.uniovi.es/);
  • to answer any service demand within a maximum period of 48 h and in case a demand should not be satisfied, we commit ourselves to address our users to other institutions or services;
  • to provide any document found at any other library centre or at any other Spanish or foreign library as soon as possible;
  • to enable item loan and reservation pursuant to BUO Regulations;
  • to offer basic and specialised training courses on information resource use and bibliographic services;
  • to acquire basic bibliography recommended in teaching guides and to update it in every academic year;
  •  to develop and manage collections to enable study, teaching and research tasks;
  • to have Wi-Fi available on all library premises;
  • to enable remote access for students and teachers to make queries on our resources;
  • to lend laptops for individual or group works.

Complains and Suggestions

Your suggestions are essential to improve our service. You may submit them via e-mail to:  biblio@uniovi.es
There are suggestion boxes in every Library centre.
The Library will periodically spread complains and suggestions received which meant an improvement.

Quality indicators

BUO has established quality indicators to measure library service quality. Among these we see:

  • user satisfaction level obtained in surveys;
  • the percentage of demands managed immediately within less than 48 hours and less than 15 days;
  • annual complains and suggestions and the improvements caused by such.