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PhD Theses defended at other Spanish universities

Information about all the PhD Theses defended in Spain during the last few years.

There are other national repositories and databases that allow access to information, and sometimes to even the full text, of the PhD Theses defended in Spanish universities.

These systems, being repositories or databases of a national (Dialnet, TESEO) or regional (TDR) nature, also host PhD Theses defended at the University of Oviedo and, thus, also hosted at the repository of the University (RUO).

The user has to bear in mind that an exhaustive search implies using more than one of these systems (TDR, for example, does not archive PhD Theses from the Universidad Complutense, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, etc.).


    Database with the Registry of PhD Theses defended in a national scale, maintained by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. It offers information about the Theses registered since 1976. It is a system for managing PhD Theses in a national scale. It offers tools for following and checking the information of each Thesis, since it is entered into the database to when it is published on the Internet after it has been defended and approved. It also offers essential information about the Thesis, many of them summarized and, furthermore, the full text of many others in PDF.

  • Dialnet

    Database that makes up an archive or repository of the scientific literature of Spain with full texts. It hosts journals and articles, working documents, parts from collective books, PhD Theses and book references. A specific section is devoted to Spanish PhD Theses. Free access to the full text is not offered for every PhD Thesis.

  • TDR (Tesis doctorales en Red)

    Cooperative repository that hosts, in digital format, the PhD Theses defended in several autonomous communities. The Theses may be accessed freely and the platform offers full-text searches and the option to download the Theses as a PDF. The Theses hosted on TDR may be licenced under Creative Commons or Copyright.