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Everything the Library makes available to you in order to help you in research activities, the study, teaching and staff training.

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Consultation and Reading at the Library


The main objective of the service is to allow users to consult and read the collection of the Library in the installations, for free and without any previous procedures.


Members and non-members of the community of the University of Oviedo.

Body in charge

Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO).

Vice-Rector's Office for Research and Campus of Internation Excellence.

Contact of the body in charge

Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO).
C/San Francisco, 1 - 33003 Oviedo.
985 10 40 53
985 10 41 10
Email Address:


During the opening hours of the Library.

Ways to apply

In order to make it easier the use and finding of the funds, the Library has provided free access to most of its collections, so any reader can directly check the books without any previous procedure. BUO also has an automatized catalogue which allows users to create a more exhaustive search.

Further information

The Library of the University of Oviedo has an automatized catalog that allows for a more exhaustive search: Papyrus.