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Library Loans


This service aims to grant users access to a number of documents outside the Library of the University during a certain period of time.


Any member of the community of the University and authorized people.

Body in charge

Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO).

Vice-Rector's Office for Research and Campus of International Excellence.

Contact of the body in charge

Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO).
C/San Francisco, 1 - 33003 Oviedo.
985 10 40 53
985 10 41 10
Email Address:


Deadlines established by the Regulations for Library Loans, according to the profile of the user.

Places to submit

Application process

  • In person:

    Anyone who wants to request a library loan only needs to go to one of the libraries of the University, request the material they want to loan and identify themselves as a user with the appropriate documentation: University Card, Reader Card for non-members of the institution, etc.

  • Online:

    To request a library loan, users only need to access the online Catalog of the University of Oviedo, Papyrus, identify the book they want to borrow and check the following information: in which library it is found, its signature number to locate it within the library, and availability, to know whether all copies have already been lent. In case of any copy still remaining in the library, users may request it online and later pick it up on-site.

Afterwards, the person in charge of the loan service will give the user the deadline for the return of the book according to the regulations and non-working days of the specific site of the Library of the University of Oviedo. Once the deadline is over, personal identification is not necessary to return any material.

Users of the Library are encouraged to keep the notice with the deadline for the return of the books given to them by the librarian.

Related documents

Intelligent Card of the University of Oviedo or, should it not be available, the Reader's Card issued by the Library.


Free service.