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Everything the Library makes available to you in order to help you in research activities, the study, teaching and staff training.

  • Remote access VPN

    Through the remote access, it is possible to access the electronic services and resources —journals, databases, etc— located on the online network of the University of Oviedo.

  • Acquisition of new library items

    Duplicate copies acquisition request or library purchase suggestion.

  • Acceso a colecciones electrónicas

    El servicio de acceso a colecciones electrónicas permite a los miembros de la comunidad universitaria que tienen una cuenta de usuario activa utilizar los recursos electrónicos (bases de datos, revistas-e y libros-e) suscritos, y por tanto de acceso restringido desde cualquier red o dispositivo.

  • Interlibrary Loans

    The Interlibrary Loan is an institutional service designed to grant access to originals and copies of documents not present in the Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO) itself, but which can be found in other institutions.

  • UniOvi Wireless Network

    The wireless network is the technological service enabled by the University of Oviedo to grant access to its corporate network via a Wi-Fi connection. With this service, all users accredited by the University of Oviedo can have access with any mobile device -mobile phone, laptop, tablet,etc- to the Uniovi Wireless Network and all the services and electronic resources it offers (Internet access, mail server and others).

  • Library Card for Non-Members of the University

    The Library of the University of Oviedo offers the possibility of obtaining a reader's card for every person interested in its bibliographical archives and who does not belong to this institution.

    Terms of Service:

    • Books will be lent for a maximum of 14 days.
    • Only three books may be borrowed at the same time.
    • The lease on borrowed books cannot be renewed.
  • Courses and Training at the Library of the University of Oviedo

    The Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO), through its users' training program, offers the university community the chance to know and use the bibliographical resources of their interest for studying, teaching and researching.

  • Reservation of microform readers

    This service aims at allowing users to book dedicated readers and to consult microfilmed materials.

  • Laptop Loans

    The Library of the University of Oviedo (BUO) offers users laptop loans for their use within the library. This service aims to make study and research, both individual and collective, easier for those users who require them.

  • Library Loans

    This service aims to grant users access to a number of documents outside the Library of the University during a certain period of time.

  • Access to the Catalog University Library

    PAPYRUS, the catalog of the University of Oviedo, contains the description of the publications included in the collection of the University of Oviedo: books, journals, electronic publications, etc. The catalog can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet.

    Access to the catalog from computers connected from networks that do not belong to the University of Oviedo will only provide bibliographical references and the location of the publications. To have access to a wider range of information, it is recommended that the user access from within the network of the University or uses the services of remote access.

  • Consultation and Reading at the Library

    The main objective of the service is to allow users to consult and read the collection of the Library in the installations, for free and without any previous procedures.